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We are a privately owned website providing all Indians with true and fair information about Aadhaar Card, a unique identity and address proof card for every individual resident of India. We are dedicated to offering you adequate information on Aadhaar Card. Our quest has been to create awareness among people in order to make the process expeditious and make the project successful with their active participations in it. To prove you are a bona fide citizen of India and take the advantages of various public welfare schemes, you should get involved in this voluntary task. Get involved in it to make a true and fair India. Your active participation will help in better development communication and proper decentralization of many public welfare projects. We are committed to helping you in getting your Aadhaar cad by providing you with quick and step by step information on it.

What Is Aadhaar Card?

Aadhaar is basically a 12-digit unique identification number issued by the Government of India to every Indian citizen to ensure him or her legitimate resident of India. It is a unique identification document that captures all the details about a person, including his or her demographic and biometric information.

The Importance of Aadhaar Card

The importance of Aahar card in the present scenario does not wait for an explanation. In the present global scenario when security matters of a country have been a great challenge, there Aadhaar Card will play a significant role. It will help to avoid many violent acts and organized turmoil on India soil. It can render us a secured and transparent country.

Given Below Are The Many Benefits of Aadhaar Card:

  • It can ensure a true and fair country
  • It fights against corruption
  • It helps the government of India to create a centralized database for the legitimate residents of India
  • It works as an important weapon to ensure work, education, independence, self-reliance and non-alignment for every Indian citizen.
  • It ensures better human resource management
  • It can make the process of decentralization easier and faster
  • It can play a significant role in identifying the needs of every caste, creed, class, cluster, religion, and geography.
  • It helps in better development communication and successful implementation of governance.
  • It can play an important role in the upcoming project taken by the Government of India in name of Digital India.
  • It can eliminate fake identities.
  • It can render a good governance and transparent democracy
  • Aadhaar card will integrate the government departments and the people of India by creating a digital infrastructure, delivering digital literacy and distributing services.
  • It can take an important role in the growth and development of the country
  • With its proper channel creation and right models of development communication, it can bring about modernization, automation and industrialization in India.
  • It can bring transparency for distributing various public welfare schemes designed for demolishing poverty, illiteracy and unemployment from India.

Getting Aadhaar Card is not a tough task. One can easily get it from his or her local block development office (BDO). Once you have enrolled your name, you get an electronic version of your Aadhaar Card both on your PC and Mobile. E-Aadhaar is as valid as the original Aadhaar Card.

Get it today and enjoy a number of facilities offered by the government of India.


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